sas >> appropriate contrasts for 1-way anova with unequal sample sizes

by Jackson_AIG » Thu, 09 Dec 2004 00:03:31 GMT

Unequal sample sizes complicate the assignment of coefficients for
contrasts. I was taught, and some textbooks still teach, to weight the
coefficients using the sample sizes. I have not found any mention of this
in the SAS literature I have available to me, and in fact as far as I can
discover, it is impossible to use coefficients that do not sum to zero (in

Has anyone found a way to trick SAS into allowing the correct
coefficients? Or is my statistical lore terribly out-of-date?

Thanks in advance,

Tom Martin
Asst. Prof. of Aquatic Ecology
Biology Dept.
Western Carolina University

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Dear Friends,

SAS manual says that we can control for overdispersion for binary data,
specifically by using option of Scale = .  But it also says that
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size.  In the case of unequal sample size, option of "Scale = Williams"
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I always thanks for whom relpied for my answer.


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Due to the size of the input data table, the procedure was interrupted
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Some thirty or so product values had been sampled, although most
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In the first run, this appeared to happen.

In the second and complete run, the errors prevented any table being

I can't find anything in the FM to indicate there is an option I should
set to select the whole population where the sample cannot be met, but I
may have missed something.

Possible confounding factors include that they are different machines
and SAS installs, and there may be a different option setting affecting
the outcome.  Also that the behaviour of creating the output data set is
only interrupted by the Procedure where the proc runs to completion.

Please don't suggest I hard code a data step solution.  One was proposed
but for the size of the data it resulted in a lot of time doing what a
single procedure was expected to do in a single data pass.

Kind regards


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