sas >> Proc GLM and Estimate statement

by fongleung » Tue, 25 Nov 2008 04:30:58 GMT


I am trying to save the estimate and standard error from the estimate
statement. I know there is an output statement which allows me to save
R, LCL, and UCL etc. But this does not allow me to save the number
generated by the estimate statement. All I need is to save the
estimated LS Means and Std Error for further calculation and

Does anyone know how to do?


sas >> Proc GLM and Estimate statement

by lewjord » Tue, 25 Nov 2008 05:02:50 GMT

ODS output estimates, should work.

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From: Kraft, Ottalee (UMC-Student) 
Sent: Monday, August 11, 2003 5:46 PM
Subject: SAS Contrast Statements

After working with Ron today I have solved some of my SAS problems but I am still stuck on the contrast statements to get the comparisons I want.  My class variable, Type represents 4 conditions.  I want to be able to compare Type 1 to Types 2, 3, and 4 combined; to compare Type 2 to Types 3 and 4 combined; to compare Type 3 to Type 4.   Ron initially helped me set up some IF statements to break my data by type and then run the proc glm.  However, as I understand statistical comparisions, this partitioning of my data will result in incorrect analyses.  I have a couple of questions I need help with:
     1. How do I set up the contrast statements in SAS to do the comparisions I need?
     2. Is the repeated measures ANOVA or the MANOVA preferable for any reason?  I seem to get comparable results.
     3. I will need to add some additional covariates to these models ( age,  gender, and a couple of yes/no type responses).  Does this change your responses to questions 1 & 2?

The code I have set up so far is:
proc glm data=diss;
class Type;
model RatingMHCX
      RatingMHCZ = Type / nouni;
repeated rating 3 contrast (1) / summary;
lsmeans Type / stderr pdiff cov out=adjmeans;
title1 'results of repeated measures glm';

**         MANOVA       **
proc glm data=diss;
class Type;
model RatingMHCX
      RatingMHCZ = Type;
means Type / Tukey;
means Type;
manova H = Type;
title1 'results of glm -- manova';

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