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by andymanme » Sat, 24 Mar 2007 06:35:34 GMT

Hi everyone,

Hope someone can help.

I have a csv file which looks like:

07/08/2006 05:56:22

So Var2 is dd/mm/yyyy with two spaces followed by hh:mm:ss

Could someone please tell me how to import this csv file. For example
when I use: File > Import Data ...

and copy the code from the log, SAS is just reading in the datepart
for that variable, i.e. the code in the log is:

data WORK.ImportedData;
%let _EFIERR_ = 0; /* set the ERROR detection macro variable */
infile 'C:\Book1.csv' delimiter = ',' MISSOVER DSD lrecl=32767
firstobs=2 ;
informat VAR1 $3. ;
informat VAR2 ddmmyy10. ;
format VAR1 $3. ;
format VAR2 ddmmyy10. ;
VAR1 $
if _ERROR_ then call symputx('_EFIERR_',1); /* set ERROR
detection macro variable */

Really hope someone can help, hope the question is clear!
Thank you in advance

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