sas >> Ramdom Effects Predictors for Cox Regression Model

by Karovaldas » Sat, 13 May 2006 21:25:32 GMT

Is is possible to incorporate random effect into a Cox Regression model
using SAS? I am thinking of a multicenter trial where time-to-event is
an outcome. Using sites as fixed effects is an option; however, the
differences between sites are really random, not fixed and should be
modeled accordingly.

Is there a provision for such analysis in SAS and, if not, can someone
explain why?

How does parametric vs. non-parametric distinction apply in this case,
if it does?

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To get the coefficients and confidence intervals for each subgroup, I
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	1. experimental (0/1 dummy for group membership) 
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I was surprised in doing this that the interaction for
experimental*systolic was only of marginal significance (p=0.07 in
stata, 0.09 in SAS).  I had expected that if one subgroup had a
statistically significant effect of experimental group membership and
the other subgroup didn't, then the interaction of experimental group
membership by subgroup should be significant.

Can anyone straighten out my logic here?  Is the problem as simple as
the fact that the interaction effect is too small to be statistically
significant, or am I committing a larger logical or statistical error
here? I have checked the construction of all the dummy and interaction
variables and they carry the right counts.


brad smith

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