sas >> SAS/Graph positioning the graph

by rose.grandy » Fri, 05 Oct 2007 10:31:03 GMT

I am creating a relatively straightforward graph and sending it to an RTF
file. The graph is exactly the way I want it except I would like to move
it up closer to the titles so I have more "white space" between the bottom
of the graph and the footnotes (right now it is centered). I tried using
horigin/vorigin in my goptions but it had no effect. Could someone offer a

These are the goptions I am using (having removed the horigin and vorigin
values that did not seem to have an effect)

xpixels=1500 ypixels=2250
ftext="Times New Roman"

the axis are both set to a length of 5 inches.



sas >> SAS/Graph positioning the graph

by ya.huang » Fri, 05 Oct 2007 13:01:56 GMT

Assuming your title/footnote is part of the graph, not in the
header/footer area of word file (check out nogtitle option), assuming
also you are using proc gplot (actually gchart works too), you can
control the space between the bottom of the graph and footnote by
specifying the origin option in the axis statement (not the vorigin
or horigin in goptions statement as you tried). Here is how:

goptions reset=all;
axis1 origin=(,50pct);

proc gplot data=sashelp.class;
plot weight*height / vaxis=axis1;
title "title here";
footnote "footnote here";

On Thu, 4 Oct 2007 22:31:03 -0400, Rose Grandy < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >

sas >> SAS/Graph positioning the graph

by » Sat, 06 Oct 2007 01:52:40 GMT

Maybe just put a blank foootnote before the real footnote to add some
space between the graph and the footnote:

footnote1 ' ';
footnote2 'This is the footnote';

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**** Create vertical bar graph;
**** Define graphics options;
goptions reset =3D all;
goptions device =3D Cgmof97l gsfname =3D wordfile ftext=3D htext=3D1;
filename wordfile "N:\Studies\MBC 0606\Output\Cycles Received.cgm";
**** List Title;
title h =3D 2 "Number of Cycles Received by Patients (N=3D&pt)";
**** Define horizontal axis options;
axis1 label =3D (h =3D 1.5 "Cycles") /*order =3D (1 to 16 by 1)*/ minor =3D=
**** Define vertical axis options;
axis2 label =3D (h =3D 1.5 a =3D 90 "Frequency") order =3D (0 to 7 by 1) mi=
nor =3D none;
pattern1 color=3Dvlib; /* very-light-blue*/
pattern2 color=3Dpalg; /* pale-light-green*/
legend1 across=3D2 shape=3Dbar(2,1)
label=3D(h=3D1 "Completed Treatment" position=3D(top center))
/*cborder=3Dblack*/ position=3D(top inside right)
offset=3D(0,-3) /*mode=3Dprotect value=3D(h=3D0.90)*/ order=3D(" Yes" "No")=
data anote;=20
function =3D'move'; x=3D59; y=3D44; output;
function =3D'draw'; x=3D80; y=3D44; size=3D1;line=3D1;color=3D'black'; outp=
function =3D'draw'; x=3D80; y=3D38; size=3D1;line=3D1;color=3D'black'; outp=
function =3D'draw'; x=3D59; y=3D38; size=3D1;line=3D1;color=3D'black'; outp=
function =3D'draw'; x=3D59; y=3D44; size=3D1;line=3D1;color=3D'black'; outp=
proc gchart data=3Dcycles annotate=3Danote;
vbar cycles /
width =3D 6
subgroup =3D off_treatment
maxis =3D axis1
raxis =3D axis2
footnote1 "Note: Results are based on &pt subjects.";
footnote2 h=3D2;
note height =3D 0.75 j =3D left
move =3D (10, 15) "(12.50%)";
goptions reset =3D all;

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