Word VBA >> Inserting Single word document into multiple documents

by TerryRibaudo » Wed, 06 Dec 2006 19:07:55 GMT


Im looking to add a two page word document at the end of around 3000
CVs .Is there a way of doing this all at once? I have looked all over
the internet and all i can find is programs that will insert text into
open documents.I need to do it to a whole folder. Help is much



Word VBA >> Inserting Single word document into multiple documents

by Doug Robbins - Word MVP » Wed, 06 Dec 2006 22:14:25 GMT

Modify the code in the article "Find & ReplaceAll on a batch of documents in
the same folder" at:


Hope this helps.

Please reply to the newsgroup unless you wish to avail yourself of my
services on a paid consulting basis.

Doug Robbins - Word MVP

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Sub ParseClinicActivityReport()

Dim sCurrentDoc As String
Dim sCurrentDocStripped As String
Dim sCurrentPath As String
Dim i As Integer
Dim iNumBookmarks As Integer
Dim rng1 As Range
Dim rng2 As Range
Dim prng1 As Range
Dim prng2 As Range

  sCurrentDoc = ActiveDocument.Name
  sCurrentDocStripped = Left(sCurrentDoc, Len(sCurrentDoc) - 4)
  sCurrentPath = ActiveDocument.Path

  ActiveDocument.Bookmarks.DefaultSorting = wdSortByLocation
  iNumBookmarks = ActiveDocument.Bookmarks.Count

  For i = 1 To iNumBookmarks

      Set rng1 = ActiveDocument.Range.Bookmarks.Item(i).Range
      Set prng1 = ActiveDocument.Bookmarks("\Page").Range
      If i + 1 <= iNumBookmarks Then
        Set rng2 = ActiveDocument.Range.Bookmarks.Item(i + 1).Range
        Set prng2 = ActiveDocument.Bookmarks("\Page").Range
        prng1.Start = prng1.Start + 1
        prng1.End = prng2.Start - 1
        Else: prng1.End = ActiveDocument.Range.End
      End If

        If prng1.Characters.Count > 1 Then

            With ActiveDocument
                .PageSetup.TopMargin = InchesToPoints(0.25)
                .PageSetup.LeftMargin = InchesToPoints(0.25)
                .PageSetup.BottomMargin = InchesToPoints(0.25)
                .PageSetup.RightMargin = InchesToPoints(0.25)
                .PageSetup.Gutter = InchesToPoints(0)
                .PageSetup.GutterPos = wdGutterPosLeft
                .PageSetup.Orientation = wdOrientLandscape
                .PageSetup.HeaderDistance = InchesToPoints(0.5)
                .PageSetup.FooterDistance = InchesToPoints(0.5)
                .SaveAs FileName:=sCurrentPath & "\" &
sCurrentDocStripped & i
            End With
        End If

  Next i
  Selection.Collapse wdCollapseEnd
  MsgBox "Finished!", vbOKOnly

End Sub

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