photos >> Windows picture viewer freeze

by JC » Sat, 08 Nov 2003 16:59:49 GMT

Whenever I open a picture using windows picture viewer,
computer freeze. No keyboard, nothing works. I have to
reset. Anyone has ideas?

photos >> Windows picture viewer freeze

by Mary Sauer » Sat, 08 Nov 2003 17:11:29 GMT

Look into an updated graphics driver. Go to the manufacturer's web site and look
around. Might try sliding down the acceleration, right-click the desktop, properties,
settings, advanced, troubleshoot. It maybe different on your system.

Mary Sauer MS MVP

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"fireman175" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote in message 
news: XXXX@XXXXX.COM ...
> When I open an email and click on the attached picture to view, it seems 
> to
> be saved.  I know this because if I click forward or back from that
> downloaded picture, I see ones from other emails.  Yet, I cannot find them
> when I look at My Pictures.
> Any ideas?  I don't want to keep any traces of pictures from emails I view
> on my computer.  Sometimes they are not appropriate, but I am stuck with 
> them.
> Thanks!

Try and right click on the picture while it is open in the windows picture 
and fax viewer. Click on properties. You should be able to see where it is 
stored in properties.