customize >> Desktop icons keep reverting back to default

by Andy » Sun, 26 Oct 2003 20:51:09 GMT

Can anyone help? I know there is no virus present as this
occurs immediately after a format of the hard drive.
I change the Windows default desktop icons (My Docs, My
Computer, Recycle Bin) to Simpsons characters. Then when
I start up the PC a day or so later, the icons have
reverted back to the Windows defaults. This keeps
happening, and I don't know how to permanently change
them to the Simpsons icons.
Any help would be appreciated.

customize >> Desktop icons keep reverting back to default

by anonymous » Sun, 26 Oct 2003 22:51:46 GMT

After making changes go to the theme tab and click on the
save as button. Save your new theme to a name.theme file.
Keep this file.


customize >> Desktop icons keep reverting back to default

by Ronnie Vernon MVP » Mon, 27 Oct 2003 02:44:18 GMT


You did not say exactly how you are changing these system icons? Are you
using a third party program or?

Ronnie Vernon
Microsoft MVP
Windows Shell/User

Please reply to the newsgroup so all may benefit.

customize >> Desktop icons keep reverting back to default

by Wayne Carmack » Mon, 17 Nov 2003 07:14:15 GMT

I have the same problem. My current Windows XP Home Edition installation
has been up and running since this summer. I have Service Pack 1 and all
subsequent patches installed using Windows Update. My system is protected
with a software firewall, an up-to-date virus program with the latest
definitions and adware/spyware removal tools, so I doubt this behavior is
related to any malware infection. What really puzzles me is this:

I have three User Accounts, one for each family member, all with
Administrator privileges, and all configured using the "Classic Start menu".
Everything worked well until about a week ago, when for some reason my user
account became affected by this problem. The other two user accounts are
NOT affected and still work fine. It doesn't make any difference whether I
change the desktop icons for My Computer, My Documents, Network Places and
Recycle Bin using a Desktop Theme, or manually change them using "Display
Properties" via the "Desktop" | "Customize Desktop" | "General" tabs. The
icon changes temporarily display correctly, but whenever I log off or
reboot, then return to my user account, these desktop icons have reverted
back to the Windows XP defaults. Again this doesn't happen in the two other
user accounts used by the rest of my family. I have searched the "Help and
Support" file, and have searched the Microsoft Support Knowledge Base on the
internet, but found no answers or suggestions.

My theory is that the problem lies in a registry " target="_top" rel="nofollow">[safely clean and repair the Windows registry with a few simple clicks] setting buried somewhere in
HKEY_CURRENT_USER, but I can't find it!

Help, anyone?


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This is bogus -- none of these suggestions work.

"Don Varnau" wrote:

> Hi,
> Try setting the shortcut to "read only" after assigning your custom icon.
> Or, if these are internet shortcuts, IE7 may be changing the icons when
> checking for a Favicon. Creating a shortcut to iexplore.exe which includes
> the URL will make the shortcut a LNK file and E7 should leave it alone. A
> side effect is that each shortcut will open in a new window.
> Find "IExplore.exe" (probably in Program Files\Internet Explorer)
> Right-click and drag IExplore.exe to the desktop and choose "Create
> shortcut." Right-click that shortcut> Properties> Target, modify the Target
> to include the URL.
> Example:
> "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\IEXPLORE.EXE"
> becomes
> "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\IEXPLORE.EXE"
> Note a space between   EXE" and ww
> Rename the shortcut if desired.
> Apply the custom icon.
> Since it's no longer an Internet Shortcut, it's an .lnk (.LNK) file, IE7
> should leave the icon alone.
> Hope this helps,
> Don
> [MS MVP- IE]
> "KiwiKev" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote in message
> news: XXXX@XXXXX.COM ...
> > im running vista home premium and i have added a few new shortcuts to the
> > desktop.
> >
> > i have also changed the icons to vista icons i found on the net,
> >
> > when i first put them on the desktop and assign a vista icon, everything
> > looks fine,
> > they show at the medium size, as soon as i turn off and then turn on the
> > computer
> >  90% of all the new shortcut icons have reverted back to the std explorer
> > icon with the shortcut small arrow in the left hand cnr
> > (they are still at the medium size though)
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> > the view i am using is "medium icons".
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> > now,
> > when i right click the desktop icon and select "classic icons" the correct
> > icon i assigned does reappear but very small as you would expect.
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> > as soon as i change the view back to medium icons, the icon changes to the
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> > to get them back manually i have to go back and reassign each original
> icon
> > back to that shorcut, thats fine until i reboot or turn off and turn back
> on
> > in the morning.
> >
> > i have put all my icons into a seperate file called "icons" and the path
> to
> > them is correct.
> >
> > Also they are not in my temp internet files folder, so that solution does
> > not work.
> >
> > Can You Help with a solution to this??
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> > running a toshiba P200, 2ghz core2duo, 2gig ram,
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> > i cannot find a solution anwhere on the net
> > please try and help me
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> > thanks kevin

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I'm running Windows XP Pro, and I'm using a theme that I 
copied over from WinME. What I've done is copied my entire 
Plus! folder over from my old installation so all the 
icons, theme files etc are still together.

My problem is this: Just recently my PC has started, on 
booting, resetting the icons to the default windows ones. 
That is, My Computer, My Documents, My Network Places and 
Recycle Bin. If I go to the Display Properties and reset 
the theme the icons change back to how they should look, 
but every time I reboot - or even switch user - the icons 
are back to the defaults!

I noticed this started happening shortly after the PC 
installed a few updates it had downloaded overnight, and 
I'm inclined to think it may be something to do with these 
as another of my PC's (running XP Home) is now doing the 
same thing after an update!!

This has become really annoying, I'd like it to stop!! Can 
anybody help?

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