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by Massimo » Wed, 17 Jan 2007 02:04:22 GMT

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>> I thought also about upgrading the server's firmware and using updated
>> drivers during the setup, but... the machine doesn't have any floppy
>> drive.
>> Seems like HP really hates floppies (see my previous post)... maybe
>> someone
>> should explain to them they're actually *needed* until we get our hands
>> on
>> Vista.
> Update the firmware on the server, that's CD based. Download the firmware
> CD from HP support.

Yes, but there wasn't any CD writer there.

> Maybe the BIOS or some other firmware is causing your error during setup.

That's entirely possible, but timing was quite tight, so we just ended up
installing a non-R2 copy of Windows.

I'm still curious about why only the R2 version crashes...


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