Windows Small Business Server(SBS) >> accessing shared drive over vpn

by Squeeky Pete » Tue, 24 Apr 2007 01:06:16 GMT

i have a vpn set up using netscreen remote as my client. (I'll only
include what i think is nessasary to solveing the problem)
so i can connect to the vpn (netscreen box)
i have a wins server set up and my client machine points to that
i have my servers name entries in the hosts file on client machine

when connected to vpn, i can access any network share by ip address,
so if a network drive is mapped via ip address i can get to it no
or if i type \\\sharename i can get to it

i can ping my servers by name but can not get to them via \\servername

when i try and click on a mapped drive, mapped by name i get an error
saying: an error occured while reconnecting Z: to \\servername
microsoft Windows network: the local device is already in use. this
connection has not been restored

when i type \\servername i get an authentication window (now keep in
mind i logged onto client machine using cached domain logon
credentials) when i use the same credentail si used to log onto
machine it says unsuccessful, if i use a diff logon name i get: "the
domain controller can not be found to verify that user name"

if anyone can hel por would like mor einfo on the problem please let
me know

thank you sooo much in advance

Windows Small Business Server(SBS) >> accessing shared drive over vpn

by Claus » Tue, 24 Apr 2007 03:35:19 GMT

I assume that you get an IP through the netscreen DHCP - right? If you do an
ipconfig /all on your box what do you see under the VPN DNS entry? If it is
not the LAN address of your SBS box it will not work. You can configure your
netscreen box to hand out the server DNS and you shouldn't have any
problems - assuming that the VPN is terminated in your SBS LAN.


Windows Small Business Server(SBS) >> accessing shared drive over vpn

by Squeeky Pete » Tue, 24 Apr 2007 08:23:34 GMT


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